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Project Request Process

Please use the Project Request Form to submit a project to University Facilities. Provide the information requested on the form and then send it via email to Once received, the project will be logged into the system and a project manager or interior designer will contact the initiator to set up a meeting, if necessary, to discuss the project request.  

All Project Request Forms (PRF) must be reviewed and signed by a Dean, Vice President, Associate Vice President, or an approved agent for the funding source.  

If you have questions, send email to or call Chuck Rogers at x8603.

What is considered a project?

Projects include any modification or addition to existing campus buildings, including new furniture or fixed equipment. A project can also be a study, a budget, or a germ of an idea… anything that will require, or can benefit from, design or construction.

What is considered a work request?

Building components (i.e., doors or plumbing fixtures) or systems (i.e., HVAC or electrical) that need repair should be submitted as a Work Request

Who do I contact for furniture repair?

Furniture needing repair should be submitted as a Work Request and will be directed to an interior designer. Emergency furniture repairs can be directed to either Carolyn Burruss at x8896 or Becky Brooks at x1888.

What about emergencies or safety concerns?

Repairs that are emergencies or pose an immediate safety risk should be directed to University Facilities at x8600 or the Police Department at x8715.