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Landscape Services

The Landscape Services Department is responsible for the maintenance of the 378 acres that make up the University of Richmond campus.  This includes 170 acres of turf, 21 acres of parking lots, 2.5 acres of walkways, 16 formal flowerbeds, and Westhampton Lake. 

Contact University Facilities Work Control at (804) 289-8600 with any concerns about safety or grounds maintenance.


Steve Glass 
Horticulturalist/Landscape Manager
(804) 289-8605

Aaron Abbott
Assistant Landscape Manager
(804) 289-8600

Mike Torquato
(804) 289-8600

Karen Williams
(804) 289-8600

Pest Management Updates

  • From August 1 through August 31, 2017, as weather permits, licensed University of Richmond Landscape Department staff will be applying weed and pest control products to turf areas, walkways, and mulch beds on campus, in accordance with the University's Pest Management Plan. Also, algae control may be applied to Westhampton Lake as needed.