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Campus Wayfinding and Exterior Signage System

University of Richmond is pursuing an overhaul of its exterior signage system to make our campus more welcoming and easier to navigate for all University community members and campus visitors.

Richmond has retained Corbin Design to assist in assessing our exterior campus signage, developing exterior signage design standards, and determining location and messaging for each exterior sign. Corbin will also consult during the bid, fabrication, and installation processes for the exterior signage system.   

As the University changes and expands, it is important that we keep in mind how our students and visitors are directed to their destinations, whether they arrive by vehicle, by transit, as cyclists, or as pedestrians. Your input will be extremely valuable as we assess our current system’s strengths and weaknesses and move forward with designing a new welcoming, functional wayfinding system. Please share your insights below regarding current signage, campus visitor needs, and suggestions for improvement.

Process Timeline

Task One: Analysis (2 Months)

  • March 16–18: Corbin campus visit
  • April 11–12: Corbin’s presentation of initial analysis

Task Two: Design (5 Months)

  • May: Initial exterior signage system design workshop with working group on campus
  • July: Design workshop with working group on campus
  • September: Final design presentation to community

Task Three: Documentation (2–3 Months)

  • Visit to finalize specific site locations; final design presentation

Task Four: Implementation (5–6 Months)

  • Visit to complete final inspection of signage

Please submit any questions or comments you may have:

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