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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How do I report a broken brick on walkway/steps?

Place a work order and we will address it either in house or with a contractor.

How do I report a dead animal near the lake/street?

Call ext. 8600 and they will notify the Landscape Dept. to go retrieve and dispose of the animal.

How do I report no a/c or heat call?

Reporting a no a/c or heat call can be completed by submitting a work order online.

How do I report insects in my room?

Pest Control related information and points of contact can be found here

How do I report yellow bikes with a flat tire or a broken part?

Yellow bike maintenance is handled through Rec & Wellness. Please contact Lee Donlon Manager of Adventure and Leadership.

How do I submit a request to move furniture?

Submit an online request through Support Services.

When is the a/c and heat switched over in the Residence Halls?

A/C and heat is switched over when the trend of outside temperatures is consistent with the season they are normally associated with. It is weather dependent but typically by April 15th and October 15th. When switching to AC it takes a few days to cool the heating water to a low enough temp to not damage the cooling equipment.

Where can I find recycling information?

Recycling information can be found here. Information about our new Rethink Waste campaign can be found here.

Who do I contact if I'm locked out?

If a student, contact RA or residence life office (campus police after hours). All other, call ext. 8600 and ask for a Locksmith and they will send one to your location.

Who do I contact if the washer/dryer is not working?

Report a washer and dryer not working by calling the 800# provided in all residential laundry rooms or send a work request to