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Employee Experience and Professional Development

The Associate Director for Employee Experience and Professional Development focuses on strategies and programs for over 200 University Facilities employees that provide: 

  • An engaging, inclusive, and supportive environment
  • The necessary training to be knowledgeable in their roles
  • The awareness and encouragement to utilize available resources the University provides 
  • Opportunities to learn new skills and grow in their careers
  • Recognition for their essential and exceptional contributions that uphold the purpose of the University 

Our vision is for University Facilities’ staff members to be valued, supported, and developed in order to have the most meaningful employee experience possible at the University. 

The University Facilities Employee Experience Advisory Committee supports the Associate Director with providing their feedback and ideas on related strategies and programs. The members are:

  • Traci Wenzel (Architectural Services)
  • Karla Connelly (Business Operations)
  • Tina Lowman, John Shines, Mila Stamenova, Hirut Getachew, Paul Just, Mauricio Lopez, Nyreng Dut, Elena Mileva (Custodial Services)
  • Tim Johnstone, Chris Machalski, Frank McMurrough, Matt Long (Engineering Services)
  • Caitlin Brusoski, Larry Richmond, Mike Torquato (Landscape Services)
  • Barrett Moore, Brian Hayes (Maintenance Services).

Contact: Allison Steele
Associate Director, Employee Experience & Professional Development
(804) 289-8607