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Boiler Plant

The campus is served by an extensive steam distribution system that operates at 75 psig. Over a mile of tunnels house the steam pipes and condensate return system, as well as conduits for high voltage electrical lines and telecommunications cables. Maintenance and operation of this system is provided by the Boiler Plant staff, who man the plant around the clock and also respond to urgent Facilities needs after normal hours. They can be reached by calling (804) 289-8600.



Good Stuff-

I think everyone is aware of this work but I wanted to make sure. 

Jesse Forbes and his team at the Steam Plant have taken on the demo of boiler #3 and are approximately 70% complete. 

This work was quoted at over 370K (around 4k spent to date, Still working through details of labor charges but still not near the quoted amount). 

The team has taken a tremendous amount of prided in this work and they really appreciate the people who have stopped by to take a look. Over the years, many University Boilermen have put blood, sweat and tears into keeping this unit running providing steam (heat, hot water) to campus. Now many of the same people are putting blood, sweat and tears into the decommissioning of the unit. Ironic. I personally have spent days troubleshooting boiler 3 with retired UR employees who used this unit as a classroom of sort taking the time to teach me skills.

The boiler is impressive to look at even in its disassembled state.  If possible, please take a moment to stop by and take a look. Pass along to others.  If you would like a guide don’t hesitate to give me a shout.

Rob, I think it is important to note that they have taken time to disassemble in a way that they can reuse and repurpose material and also are separating metal for recycling. 

If you have the opportunity to stop by take a moment to thank them.  Those are the people who get the emergency calls first in the middle of the night, on weekends and holidays.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. -mjb