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The University distributes power campus-wide by an underground 4160 volt three phase system. Building transformers convert this to 480 volt and 208/120 volt for use within the buildings. Lighting is generally fluorescent with a strong program of upgrading to LED (light-emitting diode), using the energy conserving state-of-the-art electronic ballasts and high output lamps. New tubes are environmentally friendly low mercury content, and all spent tubes are recycled. Exterior lights are photocell and time clock controlled.

The University has 46 elevators and several smaller lifts maintained under contract, and current operating certificates are on file at the Facilities office.

Fire Alarm systems are networked into the Police Department dispatch center, and utilize the campus fiber optic network for communications.

The electrical shop also maintains the scoreboards and field lighting, and provides technicians at major events to monitor sound and power.



Aubrey Grubbs
Electrical Supervisor