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Engineering Services

The Engineering Services Department is charged with the proper operation and maintenance of the campus infrastructure, providing the University community's needs in the following areas:

Electrical - Seven electricians work on the campus electrical systems, including high voltage distribution, building power and light, emergency generators, fire detection and security systems, and elevators.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
- Nine technicians maintain the heating and cooling equipment that serve the campus buildings, as well as the kitchen machinery at the Dining Center.

Plumbing - Plumbers maintain the campus water distribution system, sanitary sewers, and building fire suppression systems.

Boiler Plant - Provides steam for the building HVAC Systems, domestic hot water, and uses in the Dining Center and Science Center.


McKinley Wood
Associate Director, Engineering Services
(804) 287-6834

Mark Beatty
Manager, Engineering Services
(804) 289-8600