Campus Addresses

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Location Address
Admission and Financial Aid — Undergraduate 142 UR Drive
Boatwright Memorial Library 261 Richmond Way
Booker Hall 455 Westhampton Way
Bottomley House 442 Westhampton Way
Refectory (Formerly Sara Brunet Hall) 206 Richmond Way
Camp Concert Hall 455 Westhampton Way
Cannon Memorial Chapel 134 UR Drive
Career Services 270 Richmond Way
Career Services — Employer Development 142 UR Drive
Carole Weinstein International Center 211 Richmond Way
Crenshaw Field 445 Westhampton Way
Dennis Hall 244 Richmond Way
Dining Hall 410 Westhampton Way
Residence Hall 3 (Formerly Freeman Hall) 248 Richmond Way
Gateway Village 151-157 UR Drive
Gazebo 260 Richmond Way
Gottwald Center for the Sciences 138 UR Drive
Gray Court 416 Westhampton Way
Harnett Museum of Art and Harnett Print Study Center 453 Westhampton Way
Heilman Center 410 Westhampton Way
Human Resources 231 Richmond Way
Intramural Fields and Odyssey Course 159 UR Drive
Jenkins Greek Theatre 422 Westhampton Way
Jepson Alumni Center 442 Westhampton Way
Jepson Hall 221 Richmond Way
Jepson School of Leadership Studies 221 Richmond Way
Residence Hall 1 (Formerly Jeter Hall) 242 Richmond Way
Keller Hall 451 Westhampton Way
Lakeview Hall 256 Richmond Way
Lora Robins Court 403 Westhampton Way
Lora Robins Gallery of Design from Nature 261 Richmond Way
Marsh Hall 258 Richmond Way
Maryland Hall 110 UR Drive
Millhiser Gymnasium 367 College Road
Modlin Center for the Arts 453 Westhampton Way
Moore Hall 250 Richmond Way
New Fraternity Row 330-336 College Road
North Court 421 Westhampton Way
Old Fraternity Row 340-354 College Road
Physical Plant 131 UR Drive
Pitt Field 311 College Road
Print Shop 133 UR Drive
Public Safety 490 Westhampton Way
Fountain Hall (Formerly Puryear Hall) 118 UR Drive
Queally Admission Center 142 UR Drive
Queally Athletic Center 369 College Road
Queally Hall 102 UR Drive
Richmond College Dean’s Office 246 Richmond Way
Richmond College Tennis Courts 202 Richmond Way
Richmond Hall 114 UR Drive
River Road Fields 444–448 Westhampton Way
Robins Center 365 College Road
Robins Hall 240 Richmond Way
Robins School of Business 102 UR Drive
Robins Stadium 371 College Road
Humanities (Formerly Ryland Hall) 106 UR Drive
School of Arts and Sciences 261 Richmond Way
School of Law 203 Richmond Way
School of Professional and Continuing Studies 490 Westhampton Way
Service Building 133 UR Drive
South Court 431 Westhampton Way
SpiderShop 270 Richmond Way
Special Programs 490 Westhampton Way
Steam Plant 122 UR Drive
Student Activities Complex 438 Westhampton Way
Student Health Center 363 College Road
Thalhimer Guest Cottage 406 Westhampton Way
Residence Hall 2 (Formerly Thomas Hall) 252 Richmond Way
Tyler Haynes Commons 270 Richmond Way
University Forest Apartments 160-172 UR Drive
191-193 UR Drive
470-486 Westhampton Way
Virginia Baptist Historical Society 261 Richmond Way
Visual Arts 451 Westhampton Way
Weinstein Center for Recreation 361 College Road
Weinstein Hall 231 Richmond Way
Well-Being Center 363 College Road
Westhampton Center 406 Westhampton Way
Westhampton College Dean’s Office 406 Westhampton Way
Westhampton College Tennis Courts 426 Westhampton Way
Westhampton Hall 433 Westhampton Way
Whitehurst 246 Richmond Way
Wilton Center 126 UR Drive
Wood Hall 254 Richmond Way