Maintenance Services

The Maintenance Services Department is a dedicated team of 18 tradespeople who oversee the general logistics and implementation of maintenance and repairs across all areas, schools, and buildings on campus. Our mission is to steward and maintain the University’s physical and structural assets through the following trades and teams:

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  • Carpentry

    Three carpenters are designated to perform repairs on building components such as interior and exterior doors, trim, furniture, moldings, and cabinets. In addition to repairs, they also will design, construct, and install new cabinets, casework, and exterior doors.

  • Building Maintenance

    Four building mechanics are responsible for repair and upkeep on such items such as windows, screens, blinds, shades, minor carpet repairs, floor tiles, and ceiling tiles. They also hang pictures, maps, and other wall hangings.

  • Painting
    Four painters maintain all painted and stained finishes in campus buildings, both interior and exterior. They also make repairs to drywall and plaster as needed and refinish furniture when required.
  • Roofing

    One roofer and one helper maintain all roof systems on campus including gutters and downspouts. They make repairs as needed to all roof systems and conduct periodic inspections of roofs and flashings. They also fabricate numerous copper gutters and leader heads as replacement is warranted.

  • Lock and Key

    Two locksmiths are responsible for all door hardware and locking systems, which includes all mechanical and electronic locks on all campus buildings. They also cut keys for customers as requested; this also includes developing master key systems for renovated and newly constructed buildings.

  • Masonry
    One mason is responsible for sidewalks, steps, and other masonry repairs across campus.
  • Flooring
    One floor technician is responsible for all flooring needs across campus, including carpeting, LVT, VCT, stair treads etc.