Employee Handbook

Dear Facilities Colleagues,

Welcome to the University of Richmond Facilities team! Whether you are a new member of our team or a long-standing contributor to the University’s success, this handbook is written for you as a resource.

Everyone on our team plays an important role in providing our students, faculty, staff, and visitors a safe, beautiful, and well-maintained campus. Our campus community thrives because of you. You provide our students the environment and support they need to obtain their Richmond education. Thanks to your efforts, we are also proud to be consistently recognized as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the nation.

At Facilities, we strive to provide a positive and inclusive work environment where every employee is treated with respect, where there is open and honest communication, and employees are recognized for their achievements. We strive to look for growth and development opportunities allowing employees to learn new skills and advance current ones. We find value in everyone on our team by appreciating contributions, showing empathy and support during challenging times, and fostering positive working relationships.

We are thrilled that you have chosen to be a part of the University Facilities team and we hope that you have a rewarding and meaningful career here. Your contributions are critical to the success of our department and the University of Richmond. Thank you for your dedication and diligent work!


Sam Robertson
Executive Director of Facilities Operations

Chuck Rogers
University Architect

Meghan Johnston
Director, Campus Operations Budget and Finance