Coworkers Honoring Excellent Employees with RewardS


  • Has gone over and above their normal job duties
  • Gets along well with co-workers and customers
  • Performs high quality and thorough work
  • Possesses a positive attitude
  • Displays safe work habits

Awards for CHEERS recipient include: a monetary award, a plaque, a parking space and their name on the CHEERS wall. Members of the Plant Involvement Team (PIT) make up the CHEERS committee. Committee members are responsible for encouraging departments to submit nominations and review them to decide on the award recipients. The award is given quarterly.

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  • 2022 CHEERS Recipients

    2022 September Recipient: Adam Bartlett

    Adam Bartlett holding his award


    • Adam Bartlett
    • Branka Odic
    • Caitlin Brusoski
    • John Shines
    • Justin Howe
    • Kim Jackson

    2022 June Recipient: Mimi Selimovic

    Mimi Selimovic

    Mimi Selimovic is the June recipient of the CHEERS Award! Congrats Mimi!

    June 2022 CHEERS Nominees:

    • Caitlin Brusoski
    • Ed Jones
    • Mimi Selimovic
    • Spaska Spasova

    2022 March Recipient: Cory Holsomback

    Cory Holsomback is the March recipient of the CHEERS Award. Congrats Cory!

    March 2022 CHEERS Nominees:

    • Barbara Coleman
    • Tim Johnstone/Adam Bartlett
    • Tina Lowman
    • Francis Wynn
  • 2021 CHEERS Recipients

    2021 December Recipient: Jimmy Newcomb

    Jimmy Newcomb is the December 2021 recipient of the CHEERS Award. Congrats Jimmy!

    December Nominees:

    Branka Odic Derek Brown Rashel Amuda
    Drew Parker John Shines Fehima Vjestica
    Manny Haines Mimi Selimovic
    Jeff Peters Janet Harlow

    2021 September Recipient: Chris Machalski

    Chris Machalski

    Mazie Ellerbe Nyreng Dut
    John Shines Jeff Peters
    Janet Harlow Drew Parker
    Branka Odic

    2021 June Recipient: Harold Wainwright

    Harold Wainwright

    2021 June Nominees:

    David Johnson David Johnson & Peggy Shifflett
    John Shines Mazie Ellerbe
    Nyreng Dut Chris Machalski

    2021 March Recipient: Vessela Stefanova

    Vessela Stefanova

    2021 March Nominees:

    Julian Cline Matt Jordan
    Darius Pullman Mike Gilliam
    Nyreng Dut Sara Card
    Steve Rutledge Wayne Van Staden
    Chris Machalski David Johnson







  • 2020 CHEERS Recipients

    2020 December Recipient: Paul Sandman

    Paul Sandman

    Paul Sandman is the CHEERS Recipient for December 2020. Congrats Paul!

    2020 December Nominees:

    • Julian Cline
    • Matt Jordan and Darius Pulliam
    • Mike Gilliam
    • Paul Sandman
    • Vessela Stefanova
    • Steve Rutledge
    • Wayne Van Staden
    • Sara Card

    2020 March Recipient: Mauricio Lopez

    Mauricio Lopez

    Mauricio Lopez is the CHEERS Recipient for March 2020. Congrats Mauricio!

    2020 March Nominees:

    • Sara Card
    • Samida Mesic
    • Sejida Turanovic
    • Paul Sandman
  • 2019 CHEERS Recipients

    2019 Second Quarter Recipient: Ron Koser

    Ron Koser

    Ron Koser is the CHEERS Recipient for the second quarter of 2019. Congrats Ron!

    2019 Second Quarter Nominees:

    • Matt Jordan
    • Debra Jones
    • Samida Mesic
    • Manny Haines
    • Wa Hit

    2019 Third Quarter Recipient: Manny Haines

    CHEERS Manny Haines

    2019 Third Quarter Nominees:

    • Ed Jones
    • Frances Wyne
    • Elena Mileva
    • Suada Jusofovic

    2019 Forth Quarter Recipient: Ed Jones

    Ed Jones

    2019 Forth Quarter Nominees

    • Paul Sandman
    • Carlton Sanders
    • Elena Mileva
    • Mauricio Lopez
    • Josh Gilleland