Project Request

University facilities are a vital resource in support of the University’s mission.  To ensure the most effective use of that resource, facilities projects and space reassignments are developed as part of a multi-year Facilities Project Plan.  That plan is aligned with the University’s strategic plan and informed by the UR Campus Plan and regular Facilities Condition Assessments.



  • Each year, Vice Presidents and School Deans are invited to identify and prioritize the most important facilities project needs in their area. Project requests may be submitted by a VP or Dean at any time, and projects submitted by the March 31st deadline will be considered for implementation during the fiscal year that begins 15 months later. (Since we had an October 2023 submission deadline, there will be a second spring submission this year (2024) of May 31st)

All projects submitted after that date will be considered for the following fiscal year. Project requests are reviewed by the Facilities team, the Capital Projects Advisory Group, and approved by the Executive Capital Project Committee. More details about the project request process can be found by reviewing the Policy on Space Allocation and Facilities Resources.

In evaluating the use of space and project requests, the University prioritizes the safety of the campus environment, the academic use of spaces, and student’s lived experience on campus. Projects are also evaluated in light of the University’s Facilities Condition Assessments and schedule of maintenance, the UR Campus Plan, the University strategic plan, and the availability of resources.



Maintenance requests may be submitted by any employee and should be submitted as soon as the issue is identified. Maintenance includes projects or tasks necessary to ensure a building and its systems remain in safe and functional operating condition. Maintenance does not include beautification updates or building modifications to address changes in space.



Enhancements to furniture are typically made as part of a regular cycle of building upgrades.  If you have a furniture request that falls outside your build’s refresh cycle, a request made be made by submitting a request here.


Space Needs associated with New Faculty or Staff Positions or Filling a Vacancy

Facilities requests associated with a request to fill a staff or faculty vacancy or hire a fill a new position should be communicated by the Dean or VP as soon as the permission to hire is requested.  Such requests should be made as part of the request to hire and also sent to the University Space Manager.